Colombia’s Santos dubs new legislature ‘Congress of peace’

Politicians take part in the installation of the new Congress at the Capitol in Bogota, Colombia, on July 20, 2014Colombia’s newly re-elected President Juan Manuel Santos installed a new legislature Sunday, calling it a “Congress of peace” and asking for its support in creating a post-conflict nation amid negotiations with the FARC. Colombians re-elected Santos in mid-June in a cliffhanger poll seen as a referendum on peace talks to end Latin America’s longest running armed conflict. Evoking that mandate, Santos called on the legislature to further the talks and build agreements to halt the civil war which has raged since the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia guerrillas were founded in 1964. Popular former president Alvaro Uribe, who weakened the FARC militarily during his 2002-2010 presidency and is a fierce critic of the peace talks, was among those sworn in as senator.