Gay Caribbean USA Pageant Enters Fifth Year

News Americas, BROOKLYN, New York, Fri. Sept. 20, 2013: The Gay Caribbean USA Pageant will enter its fifth year of existence with the staging of this year’s pageant on Saturday, 28th September at the Restoration Plaza – 1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn from 8 p.m.

The lineup will be made up of male impersonators and transgender contestants who will be representing various islands in the Caribbean archipelago.

Organizers, Heat Wave Productions, say they are proud that the event attracts contestants who are based outside the U.S to fly in to represent their islands.

The Gay Caribbean USA Pageant has undoubtedly solidified itself as a staple on the Caribbean Brooklyn Social Calendar as it continues to help bridge the gap between the Gay and Heterosexual Communities,” said Hemish Gervis, the event’s founder.

Details on the pageant can be obtained at and by calling the event’s hotline: 1-347-692-9428. Tickets cost $30 in advance.