Obama Wins But So What?

Read All About It And Weep.

Read All About It And Weep.
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 6, 2012: DISCLAIMER. Commentary open to revision later. Something very usual could happen be it unlikely. Obama might bomb Iran?

And also as you read here first EXCLUSIVELY a number of weeks ago The White House has just announced the Obamas’ will not go to Martha’s Vineyard for their summer vacation and rent a big mansion. Not good for his image in this election year. Don’t worry, they will be back next year in an even bigger mansion.

So why bother with the next four months of the Presidential campaign. It is already over. Barack Obama will beat Mitt Romney somewhat easily. He will win the popular vote 51%-49% more or less and more to the point Obama will win 20 or so more Electoral votes.

End of story. Except for the entertainment value if any.

Barack Obama has accomplished his goal to become the latest Middle of the Road President and in so doing make his re-election a good probability. The problem as I have been writing for 74 weeks now is that does nothing for the rest of us.
The Change Master turns out to be one more bland Democratic U.S. President who simply re-enforces the Status Quo that is dragging most of us down.

Obama’s great achievement that Mitt Romney and the Republicans are even worse so we elect the least worst President again. By the way, Barack Obama does not mind this analysis at all. He has what he wants and he will keep it another four years. The Big House, the Big Plane, the Big Expenses, The Big Travel, the Big Staff. The Big Everything that goes with being President. And then he and Michelle will cash in Big Time after 4 more years.
And whatever deal he made with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts for Roberts to abandon his view of the Constitution and “sell” his vote to Obama it is well worth whatever it cost Barack Obama because that sealed the deal. Dull Romney’s only chance was if the Supreme Court voted 5-4 – the other way.

It would have energized Mitt Romney’s campaign, given him momentum and made Obama look weak. It might have given Romney a chance. Instead Romney is now caught in another flip flop as to whether Obama Care is a tax or a penalty. Who cares?

So as the New York Times reported on July 2, 2012 on its front page with the headline: STUNG BY RECESSION YOUNG VOTERS SHED IMAGE AS OBAMA BRIGADE – there is none of the enthusiasm for Barack Obama that there was four years ago before the Obama Con Game was exposed. But it does not matter. Obama will win any way. Obama has all the money, organization and technology he needs. More than Romney will ever muster no matter how many Fat Cats Mitt has. Or Air Bags like Jack Welsh.

The only downside for Obama and it is significant and offers some “justice” to him turning out to be an empty suit – he is, is this …

What we will witness as we move into the fall after the Conventions is a NEW message from Republicans subtle in some cases blunt in others which is since Obama is going to win a Second Term voters in traditionally Republican states and districts have even more reason to elect and re-elect Republican Senators and Congress Members (especially as Nancy Pelosi would become again if Democrats won the House) so Obama can’t do all those nebulous dangerous fictional things Republicans worry about President Barack Obama doing he never will. He’s one of them!

Either we will end up with a Republican House of Representatives and a highly divided Senate or quite possibly Republicans in control of the House and Senate making Obama’s Second Term a do nothing nightmare not that he cares much.

Obama has no ability to bring any new Democrats along with him when he wins in November. Obama is not winning this election. Remember the truth Ridiculous Mitt Romney is losing it.

Although it should bother the rest of us. Nothing will change except for the worse. The rest of us lose more than Romney will.

Obama will put the Republicans in an excellent position to win in 2016 with a young vibrant candidate and possibly have majorities in the House and Senate. Say Goodbye America.

The Doomsday Scenario for Progressives and for anyone who cares about a decent inclusive future for our country. Barack and Michelle they will go on to a very, very rich retirement, cashing in after taking care of their special friends for 8 years occupying The
White House. Occupy is a very good word to use here.

Who are their “special” friends?

All the Wall Street and Hollywood Fat Cats. And yes of course the health care industry Fat Cats. Now that Obama will force us to buy their expensive insurance. And there will be NO public option.

As an article in the Business Week issue pictured above tells us, President Barack Obama sent his campaign manager of all people Jim Messina to meet with major financial industry executives in New York City recently to reassure them that Obama was with them and not to take any of his campaign rhetoric seriously. Just keep those very big campaign dinner checks coming and they are.
So much for the rest of us.

Obama wins.

We lose!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.