Trump’s America – Episode #16 – Reality Check

“Today I’m so Happy!”
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“Today I’m so Happy!”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 5, 2017: I was well into writing this week’s episode titled “Trash Talk.”

It was going to be my most pointed criticism of Trump yet.  And every word of it is just as true as it was before I changed my mind about this week’s subject. And I will be writing that episode very soon maybe next week but …

I tell the Truth here in Trump’s America and I have a timelier subject what happened Thursday in Washington, which on an important level, was nothing at all but it is also huge at the same time. The Republicans in the House voted down Obamacare by just two votes.

The fact is it is a VICTORY for Trump and the Republicans and a DEFEAT for the so called Democratic leadership. But even more, another of the never ending useful lessons in reality and its flow and how quickly things can change.

And yes there is some entertainment value too in what happened Thursday watching as all the pathetic high paid propagandists at the Comedy News Network tried so hard to paint this as terrible and the end of the world!

The reality is, it gives Donald Trump and the Republicans momentum even if very briefly, but it may prove more than that because the so called Democratic Party “leadership” is such a mess and without a message.

That is my most important take away. They unmasked the Democrats.

The fact is Obamacare SUCKS. It always was a fundamentally flawed Barack Obama scam, not only forcing Amerucan to buy these overpriced insurance policies under penalty of law – something never ever done before in American history – but forcing Americans to buy a private product one way or another and then leaving Americans with expensive medical insurance policies that did them no good with their ridiculously high deductibles.

If this new bill did nothing more than end this – what I call – unconstitutional mandate to buy a private product it would be an improvement. They claim it does much more but we’ll have to wait and see.

Regardless, this medical insurance bill does much more for Trump and the Republicans than its specific purpose. It energizes them and their base; deflates the Democrats no matter what nonsense they say, and it hides all the many Trump and other Republican failures.

It got so bad for Trump, he was recently giving modestly truthful interviews in which he reflected on how much more he liked his former life instead of being President. While he was certainly not interested in resigning – too bad – you could still see how much he dreaded being President on many days.

Not today! Today is the best day of his Presidency so far.

Today, President Donald Trump can DREAM – if only for a very short time before reality comes CRASHING in again – as it was up until today. On the other hand, look at how “easy” it was. The House simply passed a bill which will go to the Senate which may or may not approve it and then two versions must be reconciled – not easy to do in this case.

On the other hand there is a lot of value for the Republicans and Trump overcoming those obstacles even if it means employing the ultimate nuclear option in the Senate – completely eliminating the 60 vote super-majority bring required for anything the Senate does.

If and it is a big IF – if Trump and the Republicans completely eliminate Obamacare as we know it; even if their legislation is somewhat like it replacing it with Trumpcare and it does work better which is certainly possible, even if we still have the worst medical insurance in the so called advanced world, the Republicans will have a MAJOR advantage over …

The hapless Democrats – which is my point again. Trump won because the Democratic Party is bankrupt and if they now gather strength while Schumer, Pelosi and the others are flailing away with nothing to offer but unfocused outrage against anything  Trump and the Republicans ……

The result could be more Democratic losses in 2018 and a second Trump term as President to follow in 2020; with the rich and powerful OWNING the country even far more than with Obama as President and Trump eliminating every good the federal government .

Before you get completely DEPRESSED remember this …

I am only writing this episode instead of the one I intended  today,  savaging Trump again and  changing course,  because of one narrow victory for Trump and the Republicans in the House today. It may very well fade away by next Thursday and you will be reading my new episode: “Trash Talk.”

But it won’t be because Trump goes back to being the idiot he is quickly and the Republicans make it crystal clear they are bought and paid for by the Very Rich.

Before I get to speaking about the so called Democratic leadership, I must mention Hillary Clinton’s PATHETIC performance this week at some gabfest, where she claimed she won the election but it just took place on the wrong day. Any day, she might be elected President is the WRONG day.

Anyway, President Donald Trump, enjoy your so called victory Thursday because they will be few and far between and meaningless. Sane Americans will very quickly return to being SCARED you are the President …..

And  I know you are yearning for your old life back where you can be nothing but a Celebrity!

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.